The Croc House, in Oldhurst

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Church Farm, Church Street, Oldhurst, PE28 3AF - Tel: (01487 unless stated) 824 658

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Church Farm

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Church Farm, Church Street, Oldhurst, PE28 3AF - Tel: (01487 unless stated) 824 658


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Our purpose built Crocdile House is the home to male and female Nile Crocodiles, the longest being nearly 10 feet, weighing just oover a quarter of a to.

Andy Johnson has become one of the foremost authorities on these reptiles. Their welfare is paramount and he is building a gene pool through breeding and intends to provide the increasing demand fo Crocodile meat, which tastes like Monkfish, in the UK as we as exporting to countires such as Japan.

A great interest is being shown by scientists who have realised that the blood and its antibodies of the Crocodile is unique and of developing interet to mankind.

The Crocodiles are on view in the Croc House, which has large windows on three sides.


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Crocodile Pond

Crocodile Pond


Crocodiles at Oldhurst

Crocodiles at Oldhurst


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